Broken clock Piers Morgan: right twice in one day

Larry King wannabe Piers Morgan has somehow managed to be right about not one but two things in a recent column for The Daily Mail referencing some dumb stunt that Ellen Degeneres pulled on some dumb awards show involving showing a shirtless pic of some dumb actor and comparing it to some cricket player flirting with a female reporter (who shot him down anyway) before comparing it to the backdrop of the New Year’s Eve rape mobs:

But true gender equality surely dictates that both sexes should be held to equal behavioural judgement?

…And on a wider point, it was fascinating and frankly disturbing to see ‘Gayle-gate’ attracting wider attention, comment and news coverage around the world than the appalling incident in Cologne, Germany where over 1000 men of Arab and North African origin sexually assaulted dozens of innocent women on New Year’s Eve.

Particularly as the female Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, shockingly seemed to put the onus on women to stop these attacks happening again – suggesting a ‘code of conduct’ they should adopt including maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers.

If a male mayor has said this, all hell would have broken loose, and he’d have probably, and rightly, lost his job.

Sexism, in all its myriad guises, is a bad thing – let’s all agree on that.

But so is hypocrisy.

Enjoy it while it lasts, it might be a long time before we agree with Morgan on anything ever again.

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