Remember back when punk wasn’t just something you bought at the mall?

Jim Goad on the death of Lemmy Kilmister, and acceptable and unacceptable forms of rebellion at the start of punk and metal vs. now:

These days punk rock is almost entirely a tool of extreme leftist propagandists, while rappers are ironically in love with shameless capitalism as exemplified by Donald Trump. Heavy metal isn’t entirely in the thrall of leftist dogma like punk is, but it’s still subject to relentless calls to “diversify” its ranks. The simple economic truth is that you aren’t likely to get a record contract if you run around Sieg Heiling and flashing swastikas, even if no one has a problem with you singing about eating skulls and sacrificing virgins. Praising genuine current threats such as ISIS and Kim Jong-un won’t earn you nearly the same scorn that will befall you should you dare to make a non-condemnatory comment about a German dictator who’s been dead for seven decades.

Read the rest at Taki’s Magazine.

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