Get a job, ya dirty bums!

Ontario’s profligate spending government, the Liberals, has come up with a novel approach to paying down the obscene level of debt the province has run up of late. They’ve taken to panhandling asking for citizens to voluntarily donate their tax refunds for next year to the cause.

After all:

…there have been so many unexpected costs lately. The gas plant scandal was supposed to cost $230 million, but that ended up being closer to $1 billion. The smart meter program ended up costing $1.9 billion, more than twice the original estimated cost. And then there’s that $9.2 billion in extra costs for the Green Energy Act. Money just seems to be flying away, and we’re not talking about wind turbines here.

So look into your heart. Forget about the Syrian refugees or the Salvation Army this year. Skip your annual United Way donation or whatever cancer or heart foundation you usually give to. Those guys don’t know the first thing about crippling debt or borrowing beyond their means. They’re actually required to have balanced operating budgets. Pffft.

No, it’s time for Ontarians to band together and bail out our country’s biggest charity case: The Ontario government.

We say if Premier Kathleen Wynne’s so concerned with paying down the debt, maybe she shouldn’t be so eager to run it up.

But that kind of screwball thinking is why we’re bloggers, not politicians.

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