An Appetite For Denial


By Ivan Penaluna

Besides the depressingly seismic acceleration of Islamist attacks across the globe, the other recent spectacle has been to watch the liberal left get caught in the headlights of an inconvenient reality and engaging in a culture of almost comical denial.

Until the attacks on Charlie Hebdo earlier this year, the intermittent nature of attacks has afforded progressive liberals and the left somewhere to hide; the leisure to apportion blame elsewhere and to treat the Islamists – who are quite clear about their aims and motivations btw, like wayward teenage children who don’t fully understand why they do anything.

The day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, reading The Guardian was like listening to someone rummage through an empty bag of tired excuses. Journalist Gary Younge led the futile search with a piece entitled, The Danger of a Polarised Debate that, amongst other apologies, cited the KKK as an example of Christian terrorism (yawn).

This sort of denial is based on two lies the left tell themselves about Islam. The first is the lie that it is a tiny minority who are ruining it for everyone else.

This simply is not true. Extensive polled research from across the globe over the past decade shows that an alarming number of Muslims hold what, we in the West, would describe as extremist views. The figures should concern everyone.

The myth of a tiny minority of Islamic extremists is just that. As Ben Shapiro illustrates, Islamic terrorists take support from broader Muslim communities who themselves hold extremist views.

The second lie they tell themselves is that Islam is a religion of peace.

The prophet Mohammed was not a peaceful man and personally oversaw the beheading of 600-900 men and boys. He owned nine swords and named them all. Islamic scripture goes into detail on how to usurp a host culture and subjugate it, and Taqiyya permits Muslims to lie in order to bring about Islamic supremacy.

Rather than a religion of peace, Islam is an expansionary, military-political ideology.

To say that Islam is a religion of peace is dangerous, and you have to wonder whether those who make such statements have any even a basic knowledge of what they are defending. Either they are ignorant or they are being dishonest.

Days after the most recent Paris attack (yes, now we have to count them like Hollywood sequels), Hillary Clinton came out with the most audacious statement of denial to date and announced that, “… Muslims have nothing to do with Islamic terror.”

Let’s be clear. If you went to a psychiatrist with this sort of logic in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they would suggest that you were living in a state of denial.

You have to wonder how many people will have to die because of this failure to live in practical reality; before enough people wake up to the perverse logic and ideological insanity being sold as decency & tolerance?

As Mark Steyn puts it: “Some people will need to hear it from their own severed head.”