Harvard’s Christmas dinner crib sheets


Harvard University has made and distributed placemats with leftist talking points, perfect for students to use to wreck Christmas dinner by starting stupid political fights.

From the Daily Caller:

Harvard spokeswoman Rachel Dane told Campus Reform the placemats were deliberately intended to shape the conversations undergraduates have with their parents.

Another Harvard representative, assistant diversity dean Emelyn de la Peña, insisted the placemats do not constitute indoctrination despite presenting only a single point of view as correct.

This is very disappointing. We would have thought Harvard students were better than this.

I mean, if you can’t even memorize your talking points for annoying Uncle Frank, what kind of annoying leftist brat are you?

Lazy, lazy, lazy…

Now, after being mocked in certain corners of the press, Harvard backpedaled, no doubt worried more about potential loss of alumni donations and prestige than because they actually regretted their idiot indoctrination placemats.