Free Speech A Crime in Canada.


Canadians beware. Free speech in Canada is a crime.

When Eric Brazau spoke out against the evils of radical islam he was arrested then charged with inciting hate (a crime in Canada) and spent over 7 months in pre-trial custody.

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This is a disturbing fact that the media seems all too happy to ignore. How can this be? Did Eric Brazau have a bad lawyer? Is his conviction politically motivated? Can anyone with a differing opinion be arrested? Where is the line and what is now considered hate speech?

How can it be legal for the province of Quebec to ban a language and illegal to discriminate against a cultural group? What is going on in this country?

While ISIS rages across the middle east, beheading and raping non muslims Canada is incarcerating people who speak the truth about this brutality. It’s as if the government of Canada is actually working for radical islam.

The enemy is among us. Be afraid. Be very very afraid.